A Cultural Fascist Attack?

Being on the receiving end of a “cultural faschist” attack makes me think - here we have some parallels to the wests treatment of “other” cultures. We are likely all guilty of pushing our viewpoints on others?



The year is 2014, a environmental terror organisation called “Sea Shepherd” has invaded my home islands, the Faroe Islands, on one level I'm thinking “eh? - strange choice of location for such an organisation, are there not other more pressing environmental problems that the world is facing? Or is the old tradition that the faroeses practice having such an impact on the pilot whale population that they must use all means possible to stop the faroese eating whales? Records and other research have clearly stated that the impact that the faroese have on the pilot whale population is minimal and the species is alive and thriving in the north atlantic. Which is bye the way where the faroe islands are. Just south of Iceland and to the north of Scotland, most people miss them when they look at a map of the north atlantic, such a small archipelago of islands with a population of under 50.000 people. 


On a different level, I tend to get a bit provoked. Here we have a bunch of people coming to my country and telling us how to conduct ourselves. These people who don’t seem to be in true contact with the facts of life - one being that food is needed to be able to survive - food and food culture vary in different parts of the world, partly due to the fact that resources vary in the different parts of the world. It is pretty simple. The faroese are still a very “rural” community, living compared to most other western cultures, very close to nature - most have at some point caught/hunted their own food - be it fish, birds or in some cases whales. Some potato farming does go on, but again - I don’t think I know anyone who has been able to be self sufficient in potatoes, meaning growing crops is not really and option as we don’t really have the land or the space for it. We have even started to import grass for our sheep, because the hassle of being able to harvest enough hay in the summer gets to big - as waiting for “sunny weather” can fail. 


We already import most of the foods we eat - making food on the faroese a expensive and draining part of any households budget. So many faroese still manage to fill there fridges, lards and freezers with local resources. The faroese still eat a variety of fish, some birds, birds eggs and to a much less degree pilot whale meat (lets face it, an average of 800 pilot whales a year will not almost 50.000 people.) This is of course the environmentally sound way to do things - tapping into the local resources makes sense even environmentally - lessening the carbon footprint inn porting farmed and processed food otherwise needed causes. 


I do wonder why these environmental terrorists (as I have seen themselves call themselves) don’t bring their protests to some place closer to their own homes, the chicken pens, pig, cow or other farms? Or stop roads, train tracks or airports being built in or over rural land areas? Why not use more energy on trying to stop their own local pollution? Instead we, the Faroese, see them on our islands, telling us what we should not eat and telling us to “just inn port more”, in the mean time they are cruising with their fossil fuel guzzling speedboats in our fiords, or zooming around with their fossil fuel guzzling cars, trucks and mobile homes on our roads. Flying in “celebrities” in their private fossil fuel guzzling jets. See where I’m going with this? It does not make sense. Unless this is in reality just a publicity stunt - the pictures and stories are great - and make the appeal so much easier for cash donations from sofa environmentalist all around the western world. 


All this just makes me a bit more angry, a bit more stubborn and makes me think - no way will I stop eating pilot whale meat - and should we not ban these people from even coming here, when they only want to tell us that we are wrong, evil and barbaric? I see some of my countrymen are slowly getting pushed to the point where violent insolents would not surprise me - and if anything the faroese are a non violent people - and that scares me.


It is also questionable if anyone but, the “locals” will understand my rantings here?


On the “positive” note - I do think this experience has maybe given me a better insight into what other cultures experience when our “western” culture comes crashing down on them - us westerners with our ideas of what a good life, free and happy life is - while prescription drug use is on the increase, suicide rates are increasing and people are generally more and more disillusioned with politics and the fact that our system seems to help the rich get richer, while the poor get poorer. We still don’t hesitate to inform if not directly then through the different cultural outlets that our way of life is more correct than theirs.


We have seen the results of our meddling - wars have been fought, thought won, but in reality lost as the end result seems to be worse that what we had when we started. Stop with the missionaries both religious and popular. It will only alienate everyone - as it is giving people the wrong message. 


Peace, equality, human rights are important - but, it is not our job to say how others should get there.


The environment is important - start locally and keep it personal.


Is it may be best to let other cultures live their own lives while we tone down our western fascist viewpoint on them - in truth the cultural diversity will make for a more colourful, more creative world.




Created: 04 August 2014

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